Antoine Meunier

💦 Paddler, nomad and rather digital. Founder of Medalist.

Little did I know when I first hopped in a canoe, at the age of 5, that it’d take me thus far. 

After two decades of racing regionally, provincially, nationally and internationally, I am still driven by the passion to push a tiny boat to its limits over relatively short distances. Always attracted to venture into unchartered territories, I’ve decided to pledge allegiance to Uncle Sam in an effort to bring me closer to my Olympic dream. My debut season with Team USA has been an eye opening experience giving me the opportunity to perfect my craft and pursue excellence in an environment that allows me to fulfill my other passion: creating stuff.

I quickly developed the double life of the athletepreneur. Athlete by day, entrepreneur by night, I sought to find solutions to daily pains I was experiencing in my athlete life. My first real venture came in 2010 when I decided to fix the online shopping experience for athletes – Sportically was born. In its short lifespan, the online sport shop for athletes brought Canadian athletes a better online shopping experience for their training clothes and training computers. 

Shortly thereafter, SportCafé came to life with the hopes of a brighter future for the Canadian amateur sports media exposure. The news aggregator was syndicating the stories of over 400 Canadian athletes to tens of thousands of monthly visitors. 

My latest endeavour – Medalist – powers the online presence of hundreds of the world's best athletes. The platform lets athletes create beautifully designed websites. Crafted with the athletes in mind, the platform is an elegant, simple and affordable solution to bolster their online presence and help them grow their brand.

In June of 2015, I joined my sponsor – DNSimple – to help with marketing stuff. One thing led to an other, I became a full-time team member in early 2016 taking on all things marketing and customer acquisition.

Somewhere in between, it became clear to me that my passion wasn't kneeling in a tiny canoe anymore but rather with working with a winning team on a winning product. 

Two years went by, and I couldn't stay away from my first love any longer: I started paddling again. This time around, I chose to do it on my feet and race Stand Up Paddleboards!

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