• ISA World SUP Championships Copenhagen - Denmark
    19th in Sprint Race
  • Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge 2017
    18th Overall in Downwind Race Open
  • Canadian SUP Championships
    Canadian 200m sprint champion
  • Left DNSimple
    Taking on SUP racing
  • Retired from competitive paddling
    It was time.
  • Joined the DNSimple team
    Taking on customer acquisition & all things marketing
  • ICF World Cup Copenhagen – Denmark
    7th in C-1 200m
  • USA Team Trials – Oklahoma City
    1st in C-1 200m
  • ICF World Cup Szeged – Hungary
    12th in C-1 200m
  • ICF World Cup Racice – Czech Republic
    14th in C-1 200m
  • ICF World Cup Milan – Italy
    11th in C-1 200m
  • USA Team Trials
    1st in C-1 200m
  • Co-Founded Medalist - A web publishing platform for athletes
    We are powering the websites of some of the best athletes in the world! Running it alongside Rafael Blais-Masson, Etienne Lemay & Tristan L'Abbé
  • Piestany International Regatta - Slovakia
    3rd in C-1 200m
  • National Team Trials
    5th in C-1 200m
  • Co-Founded Sportcafé - the athlete lifestyle magazine
    Launched it alongside paddling teammate Etienne Morneau
  • Founded Sportically.com - An online sport shop for athlete
    Shut it down two years later
  • World Cup Duisburg - Germany
    7th in C-2 200m & 5th in the relay 4x200m
  • World Cup Szeged - Hungary
    10th in C-2 200m
  • National Champion
    C-1 200m U21
  • Pan American Championship - Brazil
    Silver in C-2 200m
  • National Champion
    C-1 200m & 500m U18
  • Pan American Champion
    C-1 200m & 500m U18
  • Jr World Championships - Czech Republic
    10th in C-4 500m
  • National Champion
    C-1 200m U18
  • Pan American Championship - Mexico
    Bronze in C-1 200m U18
  • National Champion
    C-1 200m U18
  • National Champion
    C-4 1000m U16
  • Provincial Champion
    Won U12 C-1, C-2 & C-4 with talented teammates with whom we went on to conquer titles race after race for the better part of our junior years.
  • Genesis of my paddling life
    Somewhat my 5yo self thought It'd be fun to use paddles to cover (some) distance in tiny boats.

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