Full rebrand for Dyer Mortgage Group
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Full rebrand for Dyer Mortgage Group

A few years back, I had the chance to hop off the tech bandwagon for a hot minute and work on a rebrand project for a Florida-based mortgage firm. A leader in their market, Dyer Mortgage Group was in dire need of some brand direction and a hefty nip & tuck on their existing assets.

Design problem

Bobbie Dyer has built a thriving mortgage business on delivering an outstanding human experience for home buyers—a breath of fresh air in Central Florida, where the ripple of the real estate crisis of the 2008 can still be felt.

Unfortunately, the company's brand did not reflect at all their customer-centric approach nor was it very consistent.

As is the reality with most companies undergoing a rebrand, managing the transition and minimizing the associated costs was of utmost important. And so, a steep departure from their current branding and colour palette was out of the equation.


I opted for a clean refresh rather than a full rebrand and focused on developing "foolproof" components that could be easily mixed and matched.

From there, the effort was put with the internal team to develop a roll out strategy and ensure that future branded material—ranging from stationnary to billboards—would leverage the new brand direction.

The project ultimately also included some brand coaching as well as personal branding for Mrs Dyer—who is also developing other aspects of her career as a public speaker, investor, and film producer.

Example of the brand in use.

Design process

In all, I spent about two weeks in Florida meeting with various team members, clients, and developing the brand narrative for the company with Bobbie.

The goal was to absorb as much as I could from the environment, culture, and needs before flying back to Montreal, where I lived at the time. Developing the brand guideline was half the battle as working with the team on implementation proved itself to be the biggest challenge.

From there, I began reworking their branded asset inventory—ranging from mugs, to stationery, and even billboards—placing focus on the feasibility. A true exercise in restraint.

I also knew that it would take them years(!) to phase out old branded assets. And so, I made sure to minimize the clash effect when a new mug would be sitting beside an old mug in their conference room—amongst other scenarios.

In all, the brand refresh was a success. Bobbie was thrilled, the team feel rejuvenated, and the customers kept complimenting them on their new corporate look!

For a better experience, give it a shot in full screen!
For a better experience, give it a shot in full screen!